The Harvest Show Interview

Most people today acknowledge that the physical and spiritual dimensions of health connect somehow, but many Americans don’t connect their lifestyle choices with their health let alone their faith. In Vessels That Thrive, Dr. Ryan Bentley does what Thomas Edison said the doctor of the future would do: “interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” As a devoted Christian he champions the biblical idea that the human body is God’s vessel and as an innovative physician he properly defines health in terms of thriving not just surviving.

Dr. Bentley cites solid medical research and engages the wisdom of God’s truth in the Bible to challenge and encourage us toward a theology of wellness—health, healing, and faith—that synchronizes rather than divides the physical and spiritual aspects of the human person within our environment. He calls readers to embrace a gospel-shaped approach to healthy living that has the power to set you free from poor lifestyle choices that can account for seven of the top ten causes of death today in the United States.

Written to help and to inspire both the healthy and the sick, believers as well as skeptics, healthoholics and couch potatoes alike, this book offers something for every human being who needs to delve more deeply into why we should take care of our bodies and what’s at stake if we don’t. Dare to be different in your family, your church, your medical practice, your community, and the world!

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