Cardio Interval Training

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There was a LOT of laughing during todays workout. I don’t know if the workout was just too fun or if we  were not quite awake yet and slap happy! Anyway, today’s workout went as follows: Each body exercise was 1 minute long and each cardio was 1 minute long (go straight from body exercise to cardio no break!) 1. Speed squats (stagger feet, start with 1 foot forward 80% of weight on front leg. Squat 30 seconds each leg) 2. Cardio (if you have a machine jump on it…if not…jump rope. 3. Lunges 4. Cardio 5. Crunches 6. Cardio 7. Planks 8. Cardio 9. Lunge press (grab dumbbell keep in hands above shoulders arms bent as you lunge when you come up press arms up-repeat) 10. Cardio 11. Inner Thighs (lay sideline elbow under shoulder bend top leg in front- ankle in front of bottom knee and pulse bottom let up) 12. Cardio 13. Wall squats (lean agains wall as if sitting in chair, thighs parallel to ground) 14. Cardio 15. Hip thrusts  (lay back on floor knees bent lift and lower pelvis squeezing glutes) 16. Cardio 17. Burpee  (standing position-drop to squat position with hands on ground-extend feet back so you are in a plank-return to squat position in 1 quick motion return to standing position and jump as high as you can- repeat) 18. Cardio...

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Turkey Stampede

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So upon finishing my book, my sister in law decided our whole family needed a little more physical movement in our lives. Thus, a week before Thanksgiving our family was signed up for our first ever 5K race. What can I say about it….it was a BLAST! We had nearly everyone participate. (minus my youngest son and my second oldest nephew) I was amazed to arrive at this race on Thanksgiving Day and see the 2,000 people that were there signed up and ready to go!! It was such a great time with family, we all agree that it will be a new family tradition! So thankful for a family that loves God, loves people, and loves to...

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Fan or Follower?

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God does not want fans of Jesus Christ. He wants followers. Are you following in all areas of your life…including your health? Don’t just know the promises God has for you, don’t just say them, but BELIEVE them. Fans are “fair weather” people, followers are dedicated to the idea of sharing Gods love with the world. If we want to be effective, we need to be prepared physically, mentally and emotionally. We are either living a life that moves toward God or away from God. In the same way we are either living a life that moves toward health or disease. We can not have both, just as you can not walk backwards and forwards at the same time. The choice is ours, let’s walk together, in faith, to Him where we find true health and...

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